Besides minor technology issue, Hidalgo County elections went well

Election Administrator Yvonne Ramon

With the run-off elections behind them, Hidalgo County election officials are taking a rest.

They TMre already preparing for the general election in November by fixing any issues they might TMve had along the way. Election Administrator Yvonne Ramon told Action 4 News that by most accounts, elections ran smoothly.

Despite reports of a computer not being properly closed at one polling location, Yvonne said it happened before and it TMs not something that will severely affect the polling results.

She said the county has rules to follow when conducting an election and making sure that all computers are completely closed out before tabulation is one of them.

She said some of the poll workers aren't used to dealing with technology on a daily basis and they just forget.

"Every single machine must be closed, said Ramon. They didn't close one machine because of the data we knew exactly how many votes and machines we were talking about. What took time was the need to drive all the way back to McAllen."

Ramon said that despite some reports, all the votes were counted and finalized by 11 p.m.

She said things will happen on election day and they just have to be prepared to handle them. Ramon added that in Hidalgo County, over 15,000 people voted in the election, but says that's not enough more people need to get out come November.

If you have any questions about your registration status, or where you should vote, call the elections office at 318-2570.