Big Daddy's management calls 40 demerits, "Just a couple."

      The Brownsville restaurant scored the most demerits this week on Food 4 Thought. Big Daddy TMs is located on 1775 Central Boulevard. Kitchen cops found off temperature food, employees not washing their hands, a dirty flour tortilla, flies and dirty equipment. There were other violations as well. The inspector took photographs of them. The Food Patrol questioned management as to why so many problems piled up in the kitchen. We did have a couple of demerits, Jeremy Gonzalez said. Do you really think 40 demerits are just a couple? Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf asked. Can you put down the camera? Jeremy said while covering the lens. The rest of the interview is blocked by his hand. Jeremy later admitted to the Food Patrol that he was short staffed when the inspector arrived. He said it was a busy shift and he cut too many people ahead of the inspection. Click on the video link to see what TMs not on the menu in this week TMs Food 4 Thought! Click here to follow Ryan Wolf on FacebookClick here to follow Ryan Wolf on TwitterClick here to watch past episodes of Food 4 Thought Top Performers List

      Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

      BrownsvilleBig Daddy TMs 1775 Central Blvd (40) *Dirty Tortilla, Flies*Alice TMs Day Care 6334 Monte Bonito (21) *No Hairnets/Hand-washing, No Co. Certifications*

      PharrTornillos & Grill 405 N Veteran TMs (21) *Off Temp Beans, No Soap/Towels*

      Weekly Top Performer List: (0 Demerits)

      La Feria83 Bar & Grill 13708 Bus 83

      PharrStar TMs 204 W Dicker

      EdinburgI-Hop 2716 W UniversityMcDonald TMs 2120 W University

      DonnaCedar House Bar & Grill 114 S 7th St

      PenitasSubway 1715 Exp 83

      ElsaChurch TMs 430 E EdinburgAlameda 106 W Edinburg

      MissionTaqueria Don Felipe #4 3905 N ConwayLittle Caesar TMs 4221 N Conway

      BrownsvilleMillennium Cuisine 800 E Alton GloorAsian Buffet 251 E MorrisonAntojitos Ricos 714 Military Hwy

      HarlingenSubway 2020 S Exp 83Mr Gatti TMs 1208 Exp 77

      SPIGabriella TMs 700 Padre Blvd