BILL: Feds to pay for property damage by human smuggling

Property owners in South Texas who suffer damages caused by human smuggling may soon get compensation from the federal government.

U.S. Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-Laredo) is one of the politicians behind the push.

Congressman Cuellar is appealing to the government accountability office requesting a federal review of damages to private land along the border.

The request was made to try and help ranchers whose property is damaged, mainly around the Falfurrias checkpoint by human smugglers.

The South Texan's property rights association has made appeals to both state and national politicians.

Requesting help in controlling the large amounts of undocumented immigrants crossing ranchers property.

They said smugglers drop undocumented immigrants at locations near the Falfurrias checkpoint so they can walk around.

But that means they cross private property, often damaging fences, water pumps and leaving a trail of trash.

Action 4 News spoke with ranchers living near the Falfurrias checkpoint back in may.

They said hundreds of undocumented immigrants cross their property every week.

The damages often cost ranchers thousands of dollars each year.

They are also concerned about safety.

The property rights group said it TMs the federal governments responsibility to address the ongoing issue.