Bill tentatively approved by House to protect rural schools

Harwell Middle School file photo

A bill to help protect rural school campuses has been tentatively approved by the House of Representatives.

The final decision to approve House Bill 801, introduced by Representative Sergio Muoz Jr., is expected on Monday.

Representatives gathered on Saturday to discuss the bills approval.

The bill requires the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife (TDPW) to make sure information on gun safety near school property is presented in its mandatory hunter education program.

The information would include how it TMs a hunter TMs personal responsibility for discharging a gun across or near school property lines.

It will also mandatory for this information be made public on any written or Internet-based material for the TDPW.

School districts will have added provisions that will allow them to request signage alerting hunters of nearby school locations.

Texas Department of Public Safety will now be required to place signs along major roadways to warn hunters of proximities to a school.

House Bill 801 was brought to light in response to the December 2011 Harwell Middle School shooting.

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