Birthday gift destroyed by alleged robbery suspect on the run

Christina Silva told Action 4 News that she had no idea what was going on outside of her Wednesday night.

When we opened the door the police told us to get back inside"that the man had a gun.

Silva says they did as they were told.

It was very scary. We were thinking that he was going to break into our house and hurt us.

It was only later that Silva found out what happened that night.

Police were chasing Reynaldo Vasquez, who was wanted for aggravated robbery.

When the first light of day hit her front yard Monday morning"Silva said she soon realized just how much damage Vasquez caused to her property.

The car was parked here, Silva motioned to a spot in the yard where her son TMs Ford Mustang sat. It slid about three feet to where it sits now.

Vasquez somehow managed to ram his vehicle through Silva TMs fence, miss her palm tree, but slam right into her son TMs birthday gift.

"My son will turn 16 in June, Silva said. When we bought it it needed a lot of work. We've been working on it since last summer and were getting ready for him to have it on June 24th."

But that will not happen.

Silva said they recently dropped the insurance on the car to save money since her son would not start driving until the summer.

Now she is wondering where they are going to find the money to fix it up before that milestone birthday arrives.

"It makes me sad that people who do bad things come and do all this damage to innocent bystanders," Silva said.

Action 4 News did speak to San Juan police about the situation.

They said Silva would have to file a police report with the agency handling that portion of the investigation.

Once that is done, the suspect could be charged with reckless damage and could have to pay for the damage he caused.