BISD fine arts building damaged by fire

It was a night to remember for many Brownsville school district students on Saturday.

It was the night of the 2011 Madrigal dinner, this year it was titled "A Feast of Love."

Omar Hernandez was in attendance to support of his nephew James Trevino.

As is customary in these types of plays the crowd was part of the act.

However, when warnings of fire came there was some confusion.

"Well there was a pause for three seconds because we thought it was part of the show," Hernandez said.

"After a while we heard the fire trucks and I jumped out of my seat and started heading outside."

The blaze was not part of the script; the James Murphy Fine Arts Building was on fire.

Brownsville Independent School District Spokesperson Drue Brown said preliminary reports point to an electric power surge, but the investigation is ongoing.

Hernandez said his mother had parked in the handicapped section right in front of the building and in a split moment made a gutsy decision.

He said he dashed to move the car because he was afraid that gasoline would cause an explosion and spread the fire.

"I never thought building smoke was that thick and that ferocious," Hernandez said.

"I just started coughing and sneezing, my eyes got watery but I jumped in the car and took off the other way."

Hernandez said people were also evacuated from the building as an extra precautionary measure.

He also said the intense blaze left him with a lesson learned.

"It was pretty scary," Hernandez said.

"The flames and the black smoke and glass crackling, I would not run into a building unless it was very necessary."