BISD Superintendent files lawsuit against trustees

Brownsville Independent School District Superintendent Hector Gonzales is suing four board trustee members for $10 million for alleged harm caused to his reputation and family.

The trustees have mentioned Mr. Gonzales have talked about him, have defamed his good name and dragged his name through the mud to the point where he could no longer stand to listen to itt, said Hector Gonzales' attorney, Ruben Pea.

Pea filed the lawsuit on Tuesday against Rolando Aguilar, Ruben Cortez Jr., Joe Colunga and Rick Zayas.

"I don't think he has a proper claim at all. It TMs based on things that were said at the board meeting, which were said because he asked for an open session hearing, said Zayas.

Zayas said the things they say in their capacities as board members are protected by law.

The lawsuit also seeks damages from Gonzales' suspension.

"Anytime an employee has really done something wrong when I TMm representing the school district, we show that information to the employee, give them an opportunity to resign. That was never done in Hector's case. People are getting documents that he's never seen and being shown information that he doesn't know anything about, said Pea.

But one trustee disagrees.

"They get their chance to give their side of the story during the investigation and that's standard operating procedure at BISD, said Zayas.

Pea said the lawsuit will not affect the school district or taxpayers.

"This lawsuit is aimed strictly at the trustees who Mr. Gonzales believes have ruined his reputation and have defamed him, said Pea.