BISD superintendent lone finalist to be named?

He's been sitting in the top spot since June, but the position hasn't been made permanent for Brownsville Independent School District Interim Superintendent, Dr. Carl Montoya.

However, all that could change Tuesday, at the BISD Board of Trustees TM meeting.

The job opening for superintendent was posted Friday, but on the meeting's agenda is an item that states the board could take action to name a sole finalist in the district's search.

"Normally, the districts TM interim superintendents, do become the superintendent such as, Mr. Brett Springston was, Board President Caty Presas-Garcia said."

A public information request by Action 4 News, inquiring about the applicants for the job opening, went unanswered Monday.

However, a spokesperson for the district said if Montoya is nominated as sole finalist for the job, law requires a 21-day waiting period before the job offer is finalized. Presas said the district is ready for leadership in a positive direction.

"(We need to) start evaluating the programs that aren TMt working and continue with the programs that are working for the students, Presas said.

We have the new Stars test that's a very rigorous test - the demand is very high by the state."

Presas said the new superintendent, will also have tough challenges, like getting the district's nearly half-billion dollar budget balanced, and their deficits resolved.

"The credit rating has dropped, Presas-Garcia said. (A recent report shows) where it shows and indicates we've over-spent and have incurred debt. It's not good for us."

Presas-Garcia is not confirming Montoya as the sole finalist, but said over the past six months, he's proven to be fit for the job.