BISD's Rodriguez Defends Himself

"What is the focus on me? I have no idea, he said. I don TMt have any idea who these people are or where they came from."

He was referring to Carlos Quintanilla, President of Accion American, a Dallas-based civil rights group.

Quintanilla presented two reports to the media Wednesday morning, detailing alleged wrongdoings by Rodriguez.

"That they immediately fire Joe Rodriguez as the active Athletic Director of the Brownsville Independent School District. That is what we TMre here for," he said.

Action 4 sat down with Rodriguez to get his side of the story.

In the internal 15 page reports, Rodriguez was accused of misusing district vehicles, tables and chairs for a non BISD golf tournament.

It is organized by a non-profit organization Rodriguez started himself to allegedly raise funds for a college scholarships.

"Absolutely, Rodriguez said about the use of district property. I have never denied that."

He said that he had done the same thing for the past 17 years of the golf tournament, and that the issue had been brought up this past year, forcing him to not have a fundraiser this year.

In the reports, Rodriguez was also accused of allegedly mistreating his employees, and even forcing them to work this tournament, even though it had nothing to do with the BISD.

"If they thought they were working, then they should be terminated, he responded. Because 9 out of 11 were drinking."

Continuing with more severe accusations, the reports also said that Rodriguez and his administrative staff harassed district employees, at times falsifying the amount of hours they worked, and even safety concerns were brought up.

Action 4 cannot verify these claims, so we turned to Rodriguez for answers.

"That is a lie, we take good care of our people."

He went on to say that his side of the story, what he called the truth, was not released to the media.

Although he refused to get into specifics citing legal concerns.