Black Bear spotted roaming Starr County

A black bear has been sighted by several residents near Rio Grande City

A Black Bear has been sighted by several residents near Rio Grande City.

The bear was last sighted on Thursday and right now it's a mystery on how the bear ended up in the Rio Grande Valley.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Game Warden Brad Whitworth confirms there have been several sightings over the past two weeks but says no game warden has spotted the bear.

Rio Grande City Mayor Ruben Villarreal told Action 4 News the bear has been roaming the area of El Sauz, a ranch community 12 miles north of the Rio Grande City.

The bear appears to be 500-600 pounds.

Last year a Black Bear was spotted in Chapeno, which is just south of the Falcon Lake area.

Whitworth said Black Bears are not aggressive by nature and nothing will be done to remove the bear unless it becomes aggressive.

According to the Texas Parks & Wildlife website Black Bears have been sighted in areas like Big Bend and Austin.

There are two subspecies of Black Bear in Texas, the Mexican Black Bear and the New Mexico Black Bear.

So far there are no reports of attacks caused by the bear.