Black Friday madness

Some Valley residents choose to keep Thanksgiving traditional with food and football, but others had only one thing on their mind, Black Friday bargains.

Hundreds of people waited outside the Best Buy in McAllen on Jackson Rd. and Expressway 83, creating a line that formed all the way around the building.

"You can see the line, it's just going to be chaos and that's always fun during the holiday," says Gomez.

Best Buy Geek Squad CDI Jorge Gomez says this will be his eighth time working Black Friday and he advises shoppers to not only come prepared but to be patient as well.

"Be friendly and courteous to other people because it usually does get chaotic."

This year it was Jose Luis Nieto who was the first person in line at this Best Buy location. Nieto arrived to the store the Saturday before sales went into effect to make sure he got his hands on 2012 hottest tv's.

Nieto explains, "We take turns; my sister and sister-in-law will come and she replaces us so we can take a shower."

He says he's learned from experience that it's best to get here early not only to avoid the crowds, but to soak up the adventure.

"This is my second year. It always gets crowded, but it's pretty cool."

Not everyone had such a great spot in line though; Noel Ornelas was a few hundred people back leading up to midnight. He knew the odds were against him to snatch his 52 in. tv and brand new laptop.

"Today I got a late start. I'm usually here by around 3 p.m. but I got out of work late," said Ornelas.

On Black Friday, one thing is certain for retailers such as Best Buy, they'll be seeing thousands of customers and stay true to being one of the busiest shopping days of the year.