BlackBerry Z10 taking aim at top competitors

BlackBerry appears to be making a comeback in the world of cell phones. The company posted a profit in its fourth quarter, earning $94 million dollars, due to the launch of its new Z10 smartphone. They're now on sale in the U.S. and Christina Ruiz from Verizon Wireless showed you the latest model in the threat against Samsung and Apple. The all touch-screen phone by BlackBerry is completely new territory for the once dominant and leader in the business. Some have said if this phone fails, the company is doomed. With sales looking up, BlackBerry may be around for awhile longer. The Z10 retails for $599 at Verizon and $199 with a new two-year contract. Aside from phones, Verizon Wireless is also a tech store with all the hottest products on the line. A GoPro retails for $299, Delphi Vehicle Diagnostic will cost you $249 and a TAGG Pet Tracker will set you back just $99 to keep your family pet safe. Another item you can find in their store, the Samsung Galaxy Camera. It's a smart camera and can instantly share photos online through Verizon's 4G LTE service and has a 20X optical zoom. This stunning camera comes with a price tag of $549. Stop by any Verizon Wireless store today to check out all these products and so much more. They are located across the Rio Grande Valley in McAllen, Brownsville and Harlingen.