Blind woman's dog denied restaurant access

Gean Demille goes everywhere with her four-legged friend named "Rainbow."

The two have been inseparable for half a decade.

DeMille said their relationship was built on love, but more importantly"trust.

"I have to trust Rainbow because I do not see... I have no sight at all," said DeMille, a Winter Texan from Canada.

DeMille has been blind since 1972.

Rainbow is her fifth service dog but DeMille said companion enables her to overcome her visual impairment.

"Restaurants... post office... she's been to weddings... everywhere... and I have never had a problem, she explained.

That is until this past Sunday.

DeMille said that TMs when she was denied access to El Rancho Grande, a restaurant on North Nebraska Road in San Juan.

"We went in... and she (a hostess) said sorry you can't bring that dog here... and my husband said it's a service dog... My wife is blind... She needs this dog," explained DeMille.

The restaurant TMs owner, Bobby Acosta, admitted his 19-year-old staffer did not know the law on assistance animals.

However, he said, she did call him on the telephone to ask if the dog would be permitted inside.

Acosta said the dog was allowed in the restaurant as with all service animals.

DeMille said the phone call never happened.

"She never said once... she would check with someone or anything| so we left and we went to Pizza Hut and we got in ... she laid down under the table and you wouldn't even know she was there," said DeMille.

Acosta said he apologizes for the mistake, adding how his employees have been trained on the law.

Acosta also extends a free meal to DeMille and her family.

It TMs an offer DeMille said she will not accept.

"I'm not out for revenge, she said. I just want people to finally see how much blind people really need their dogs.