Blood found on apartment walls linked to tortured body

Trio arrested in connection to murder

Three men have been arrested in connection to a murderous scene where a man was found tortured and bound with speaker wires on a rural road.

Blood was found on the wall and floors of an apartment in Roma by authorities.

The apartment was traced backed to Francisco Antonio Garza, and he was arrested in connection to the murder of Carlos Alberto Garcia-Serna, whose body was found tortured and dumped near Escorbares.

Police found Garcia-Serna's body on Sunday with his feet bound with speaker wires and his upper body had multiple stab wounds.

Authorities also found an abandoned car on fire and discovered it was used by the alleged suspects to transport and dump Garcia-Serna's body.

Since then, authorities have been searching for the original crime scene and were led to the apartment.

According to authorities, Garza has a prior criminal record, and lived at the apartments on Bethel Street in Roma.

He was arrested on a capital murder charge, but other charges could still be brought forth.

Starr County Investigators, along with the district attorney's office and the Texas Rangers also arrested Andy Munoz and Luis Enrique Sanchez in connection to the murder.

The three remain behind bars at the Starr County Jail and their bonds are individually set at $1 million for the capital murder charges.