Body Found: Family of Missing Edinburg Man gets Closure

Ernesto Salinas

Edinburg Police had been searching for a 90-year-old man who went missing over the weekend, but today the search for Ernesto Salinas has come to an end.

Police confirm the body found on University Drive this morning is that of Ernesto Salinas.

They said it was a nearby construction worker who had alerted them to the body under the bridge.

The Salinas family tells Action 4 News it TMs not the outcome they had hoped for, but at least they have closure.

"That's what we were waiting for. Why would you want to not find your loved one's body and have this for 5-10 years from now? You're still looking for them," said Ernesto TMs son, Lupe Salinas.

Lupe says it TMs been difficult. They had been searching for Ernesto since Monday. He said it TMs tough not getting to say goodbye.

"With him it wasn TMt like, ~Hey dad you TMre in the hospital..I'm here with you. TM It wasn TMt like that. It was like he disappeared-he TMs gone. You TMre not going to see him anymore," said Lupe Salinas.

Lupe told us he TMd want his father to know what an impact he TMs had on his life.

"Thank you for putting me through that. You know - getting a degree, getting a scholarship and |push[ing] me all the way," he said.

Lupe said the silver lining is knowing his dad is in a better place.

"He TMs now rested. He's up there with his wife - my mother. He's up there|He's happy. He's looking down on us right now. He said stop looking I'm here."

Preliminary autopsy results lead police to believe foul play was not a factor in Ernesto Salinas's death. It will take a few months to get the complete results from that autopsy.