Boggus stadium grass for sale

Two Harlingen High School teams - the 1989 and 2011 Cardinals - tread on Boggus Stadium in Harlingen, in their run to the fourth round of the state playoffs.

In less than a week, football enthusiasts will have the chance to grab a piece of the green, grassy field, as the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District steps into a new direction.

"Most schools are going to turf, Harlingen Athletic Coordinator Randy Cretors said.

Obviously (it TMs) less maintenance (and) you're able to do so much more on turf than you do on grass.

If you're unfortunate to have to play a game after a big rain, (the field) loses most of (its) grass."

The $3 million facelift to Boggus Stadium is made possible by a bond passed several years ago by Harlingen voters.

The stadium renovations also include a new track and bleachers, more restrooms, a faade and a ticket booth on the visitor's side.

Cretors said having a synthetic field will give more students the chance to utilize it, and could prevent injuries.

"The studies for the past four years have actually shown that turf fields have slightly less injuries than grass fields, Cretors said.

(It TMs) sometimes harder for people to believe that, (but) turf fields have come a long way."

The existing grass at the stadium will be taken out and put-up for sale.

We all agree this is a great opportunity to let anyone in Harlingen have a piece of the history of Boggus Stadium, Cretors said.

Bottom line (is) it's a demand and it gives individuals the opportunity - because a lot of people tie their early days with Boggus Stadium."