Bomb threat proves false at Edinburg movie theater

Police and firefighters surrounded the Carmike Movie Theater parking lot in Edinburg on Friday morning.

That TMs where authorities were investigating a bomb threat that proved to be false.

According to reports, a bomb threat was phoned in to the company TMs corporate office in Georgia.

Authorities searched some 235 Carmike theaters in 35 states clearing all of them.

A spokesperson for the movie theater chain told reporters that the phone calls coincided with a showing of 'The Expendables 2.'

The movie theater company said it notified law enforcement officials as soon as the threats were received.

Edinburg police and firefighters went out to the Carmike theater off Highway 281 and Canton Road.

Police confirm that they went out to the Carmike theater to investigate.

Firefighters were on hand in case anything was found but the threat proved to be false.

Police told Action 4 News that no one was injured but that they are keeping a close eye on the situation.