Bond set for a man on pursuit in Mercedes

The man who led the Texas Department Public Safety troopers on a pursuit in a stolen vehicle went before a judge today turns out Mercedes police had already been on the lookout for him.

Arturo Salazar Jr. is jailed under a 250,000 dollar bond for burglary.

He is accused of stealing a vehicle in Lufkin and was spotted speeding down the expressway Monday.

Texas Department Public Safety troopers attempted to pull him over, when they did the 25 year old fled on foot.

Salazar then tried to jump into another vehicle but was caught.

Turns out, Salazar was wanted out of Mercedes.

At the same time just by coincidence we had our Judge signing two warrants for Arturo Salazar Jr. And it so happened once everything got squared off it happened to be the same individual we wanted, said Chief Olga Maldonado.

In addition to the burglary and evading arrest charges Salazar is now charged with aggravated sexual assault an offense he committed last September Sunday the 23rd.

Salazar cannot go within 200 yards of the victim.