Bond set for man accused of kidnapping, raping special needs girl

Randy Lee Johnson is now charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Cameron County sheriff investigators said he allegedly kidnapped a 14-year-old girl and brought her to a trailer in Harlingen on Executive Drive where he sexually assaulted her.

He reportedly knew the girl through her parents.

Chief Deputy Gus Reyna said Johnson has an extensive criminal record, spanning across several states.

"He's got driving while intoxicated three times in Georgia; possession of a controlled substance and marijuana in 1994 in Illinois; aggravated assault (in) St. Louis; family violence (in) Mississippi (and) burglary in 1995 in Illinois," Reyna said.

Investigators said it's unclear what Johnson was planning next, but they add the proximity to the Mexican border was an additional concern.

"She's just lucky that she wasn TMt hurt, lucky that (he didn TMt) make her disappear somewhere, Reyna said, and the best part, I TMm glad that they didn TMt take her into Mexico."

A judge set a $1 million bond for Johnson, plus an extensive protective order.

For at least 91 days he cannot go near his alleged victim, her parents or siblings.

If he posts bail, he cannot be near the elementary school the victim's sister attends or at any place the family visits.

"If those people arrive, any of those people arrive in any place you may be, you are required to leave the premises sir," said the arraigning judge.