Border Patrol agent accused of killing romantic rival

Crime scene in Hondo, Texas // WOAI-TV Image

Authorities are accusing a U.S. Border Patrol agent of leading deputies on a high speed chase after fatally shooting a Central Texas man who allegedly was having an extramarital affair with the agent's wife.

Investigators say the events unfolded after Adam Garibay tied up his wife in their Corpus Christi home on Thursday and forced her to reveal the name and address of the man she was involved with.

Medina County Sheriff Randy Brown says Garibay then drove about 160 miles northwest to a home near Hondo, where he shot Keith Martin.

Garibay then led authorities on an 18-mile chase before being forced off the road by deputies.

Garibay was taken to a hospital in Hondo, where he remains in custody. Brown says a murder charge is pending against Garibay.