Border Patrol agent assaults 3 women then takes his life

The FBI is currently investigating an assault after a U.S. Border Patrol agent assaulted three females and then took his own life.

The border patrol agent committed suicide after he allegedly assaulted three suspected undocumented immigrants on a well-known undocumented immigrant path from the Rio Grande.

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) spokesman confirms Wednesday afternoon authorities initiated a search and recovery operation after finding a wounded suspected undocumented immigrant south of Abram Road near Mission.

The woman told agents she had been stabbed by an unknown man.

Authorities searched the area and found a second wounded woman.

Overnight Mission Police Officers located the home of an unidentified Border Patrol agent.

He was found dead inside the home with the third woman who was assaulted.

All three woman are alive and receiving medical care at this hour.

Mission Police Department and the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department are also assisting in the case.

Mission police confirm that SWAT was at the plantation apartment complex where the assault allegedly happened at 3 a.m. this morning.


On March 12, CBP initiated a search and recovery operation following the encountering of an injured adult female during regular CBP operations who provided information that she and two other females had been assaulted by a male subject. Shortly thereafter, agents encountered a second female who had also been injured. CBP, in conjunction with local law enforcement, deployed assets to support the search for the reported third individual.

Overnight, the Mission Police Department entered into the personal residence of a Border Patrol agent after further information was obtained. Upon entry, Mission PD Department, together with CBP and other law enforcement entities, found the agent deceased and discovered the third female. The three female subjects are alive and receiving appropriate medical care. Federal and local investigating agencies are thoroughly investigating this incident and we will continue to work to ensure that incidents like this to not occur in the future.

CBP takes this incident extremely seriously and we are fully cooperating with the investigation.

CBP holds its employees to the highest ethical standards. We stand ready to take any additional action necessary, pending the investigation.