Border Patrol agent killed in off-duty accident laid to rest

Border Patrol agent remembered

A sea of mourners pack into Holy Family Catholic Church in Edinburg Monday afternoon, many without seats, to say their final goodbyes to a veteran Border Patrol agent who died in an off-duty traffic accident.

While recognized as a life cut short, the funeral mass highlights how 25-year-old Eubin Gomez, Jr. is off to a better place.

The message brings comfort to relatives like Ramon Perez, Jr., Eubin's uncle, who says the outpouring of support is helping them to heal.

"With all the help from Border Patrol as well as all the family that's shown up from different parts of the country, not just locally but from out of state as well, it'll be hard but with God's strength we can make through as best we can," he said.

Eubin passed away Friday when he crashed his motorcycle in McAllen.

Investigators are reconstructing the single-vehicle accident to determine exactly what went wrong and if he was wearing a helmet.

Fellow Rio Grande Valley motorcyclists, who are paying their final respects, share the challenges they face as riders on the road.

"It's very hard for us to be riding our bikes," Aaron Quintanilla said. "We have to be extra aware of other drivers because cars aren't obviously looking out for us."

Eubin leaves behind a one-year-old daughter named Victoria who family called his pride and joy.

He spent six years as a field agent with the Border Patrol.

The department considers his death a loss in the family.

Other law enforcement agencies from federal, state and city levels also showed support for one of their own.

"It's important that we support all law enforcement in the community and that's why we're here to support him," San Juan Police Chief Juan Gonzalez said. "No matter how tragic it is, we need to remember them."

And to remember how quickly a life can be taken away.

No autopsy was ordered in connection with the death; however, Judge Homer Jasso did order toxicology.

Those results won't be available for about a month.

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