Border Patrol Bust Illegal Smuggling Ring

A concerned citizen's call regarding illegal activity takes federal agents to an apartment complex located at the 27-hundred block of mile 17-1/2 near McColl Road.

"We gained access, we asked for consent, we gained access and we were able to find 20 undocumented aliens throughout the residence...."

Action 4 news cameras are rolling as 19 Mexican nationals and one Honduran are placed under custody

"This is just one part that the community can play in controlling illegal activity in their communities, if they see any activity that they can reach us with or give us some information about, we'll act on it and we can ensure the safety of the country also the community."

U.S. border patrol's intelligence have learned that alien smuggling organizations utilize various types of locations in order to stage aliens as they're coming into the country

"Whatever presents an opportunity for them to hide someone for moments or days, is what they utilize, so that's why we need the community to reach out to us and we're able to act upon that information..."

Just minutes before this incident-- a chase ends on fm-493 north of Monte Cristo where a pickup truck was confiscated and a suspect was placed under arrest -- unofficial reports indicate this vehicle was seen dropping undocumented immigrants in the same area where the 20 immigrants were caught

"Groups like these we had in the past and it's something that we face quite frequently...."

In the mean time, all immigrants are being processed at the McAllen border patrol station awaiting deportation