Border Patrol canine 'Maya' sniffs out methanphetamine

File Photo: Border Patrol K-9's

A woman was arrested at the Sarita Checkpoint on Thursday after Border Patrol agents and canine Maya found methamphetamine in her car.

Safiro Canales was attempting to cross her white Jeep Grand Cherokee through the checkpoint on Friday afternoon.

While Canales was being question, canine Maya alerted Border Patrol agents about the Jeep.

During the secondary inspection, agents took apart the engine compartment of the car, and disassembled the air intake.

Agents removed a false compartment located under a fiberglass of the intake and found six bundles wrapped in clear plastic.

The bundles, which tested positive for methamphetamine, weighed 8.8 pounds.

When questioned about the drugs, Canales said she knew they were in her Jeep and was transporting them from Mexico to Corpus Christi.

She told investigators she was going to be paid $2,500 for the delivery.

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