Border Patrol search prompts lockdown at two Brownsville schools

Two Brownsville schools spent part of Friday morning under lockdown following a Border Patrol search for a group of at least ten illegal immigrants.

Both Garden Park Elementary School and Pace High School were under lockdown for part of Friday morning.

It all started around 8:50 a.m. Friday when Border Patrol agents notified the Brownsville Independent School District about a search for illegal immigrants.

Border Patrol officials told Action 4 News that agents received a tip about a group of 10 illegal immigrants near Pace High School.

The tip proved to be valid prompting a search of the area by Border Patrol agents, Brownsville police and Brownsville ISD police.

Authorities searched the area and located three illegal immigrants, who are being detained pending deportation proceedings.

School district officials reported that the lockdown alert was lifted at 9:45 a.m. Friday.

Border Patrol agents said the search continues for the other members of the group.

Both of the schools that went under lockdown are located in Brownsville's westside and are a close distance to an area of the Rio Grande River known for drug smuggling and illegal immigrant crossings.

Action 4 News will post more information as it becomes available.