Botched home invasion suspects indicted in officer shooting

Suspects involved on the botched robbery, shooting

A grand jury indicts 10 suspects connected to a shooting where an Edinburg police officer was shot in the legs.

The indictments come a month after the shooting happened during a botched home invasion.

Now eight of the 10 suspects are facing life in prison.

It happened April 11th at a home along south 20th Avenue in Edinburg.

Edinburg police said masked men stormed the home attempting to steal drugs and money.

The victims told Action 4 News they believe the landlord who was in Mexico was the target of the home invasion.

Police responded, and an officer was shot once in each leg.

Within less than a week, 10 suspects were in custody.

Now a grand jury has indicted those suspects on state charges.

"These are state charges that have very serious consequences, now when you shoot at an officer you have no regard for human life," Hidalgo County District Attorney Rene Guerra said.

Eight of the 10 suspects are facing attempt to commit capital murder of a peace officer, the remaining two are charged with hindering the capture of the home invasion suspects.

The district attorney officer worked to assign each case to district courts.

The officer is still recovering from his injuries.