Botox Gone Wrong: Fake doctor injects toxic rubber into clients

A woman performing fake Botox injections was charged with practicing medicine without a license and could be responsible for the death of a client.

Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office deputies charged Nohemi Gonzalez with practicing medicine without a license on Thursday.

Gonzalez allegedly injected customers with a liquid silicone rubber which authorities say is toxic and deadly.

The injections were meant to enhance body parts like lips, buttocks and get rid of wrinkles.

A client of Gonzalez died recently and investigators are looking at the death to determine if it was caused by the toxic injections.

She could be charged with manslaughter or murder for the death.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs department caught wind of the illegal beauty enhancements earlier this month when one of her clients went to the hospital complaining that her ankles and legs burned, and she could not breathe.

The Edinburg woman nearly had her leg amputated and almost lost her life.

She is now listed in critical condition and has had several surgeries to remove the liquid rubber.

Sheriff Lupe Trevino said most of the clients are believed to be undocumented immigrants, he is asking other victims to come forward.

We are not interested in your immigration status, we need your statement and we need you to get checked out by medical authorities, he said.

Trevino said he suspects there at least 30 victims connected to Gonzalez TMs illegal practice.

Investigators are looking for four to five other suspects believed to also be performing the injections in the county.

Gonzalez had both men and woman clients and would charge between $125-$250 an injection.

Investigators told Action 4 News that the fake Botox injections are not only a local problem, they are also common in cities like New York City, Miami and Philadelphia.

Samples of the material have been sent to the Food & Drug Administration.