Bow and arrow used to catch 300 pound fish

Virgilio Lopez

A Falcon Lake fishing guide caught a 300 pound fish over the weekend.

Virgilio Lopez shot the massive gar with a bow and arrow while fishing with his niece, sister and friends.

Lopez told Action 4 News he takes people bow fishing out at Tiger Island on Falcon Lake.

He said in his four years as a fishing guide, this is the second largest fish he has ever caught.

Lopez caught an even bigger fish in the Rio Grande River once, but said he has not had a chance to go back there in a while.

When asked if he kept Sunday TMs big catch or not, Lopez said he definitely used the whole fish to his advantage.

We made a lot of chicharones, Lopez said. We froze some of it, but also ate the fish with family too.

Lopez said when he takes people out to fish, they mainly search for bass and gar.