Boy allegedly bullied by San Benito teacher

A Harlingen mother, who we'll call Janie, claimed her 6-year-old son was bullied at school, but not by a student, rather a physical education coach employed with IDEA College Prep San Benito.

The coach's son and Janie's son are in the same class at IDEA Academy San Benito.

"He told us the other mother pulled him out of the bathroom, said Janie. That she warned him that he was not allowed to talk to her son, he wasn't allowed to play with him, he was not allowed to sit with him at lunch and that if he did she would know about it because she was watching him in the video cameras.

Janie said earlier this week her child and another 1st grader got into a shoving match over a library book.

School officials took immediate action, separated the boys and warned them about personal space.

However, the other boy's mom still confronted her young son during lunch the next day.

"A teacher should know better to not to approach a 6-year-old, said Jaine. It's intimidation.

The concerned parent said she is not looking to sue anyone in the district.

What she does want is a public apology from the high school P.E. coach that allegedly walked from the high school building to the elementary campus, to the boys bathroom and reportedly intimidated her 6-year-old son.

Janie said now her son is traumatized, he doesn't know which adults he can trust and now he's scared to go to school.

"This morning when he got up he asked where his old sneakers were and I said why do you use the new ones we bought you, said Janie. He said those are the shoes I was wearing they day that lady told me to leave her son alone, so if I wear a different pair of shoes maybe she won't recognize me.

Visibly distraught, Janie called for action so that no person who bullies a child is allowed to be an educator.

IDEA Public School wouldn't release the coach's name.

But they did provide us a statement which reads, IDEA Public Schools prides itself in providing a safe learning environment for students on the road to college. In the interest of student confidentiality, IDEA does not comment on specific incidents at our schools. We can say that the IDEA Administration conducted a thorough investigation and found no basis for the bullying allegations regarding the IDEA San Benito campus. IDEA contacted the families involved to share our findings and communicated that our staff is available to privately address any outstanding concerns.

The mother disagrees with the administrations findings.