Boy cut from classes over length of his hair

Mindy Palacios said her son was told he can TMt go back to school until he gets a haircut, but she told us his hair is within the school's dress code guidelines.

Fifth grader Caleb Juarez reminisces about his time at Dominguez Elementary in the La Feria School District.

"I miss my friends and I had three fun teachers and we would read novels in my reading class," shared Caleb.

The 5th grader was banned from campus after his mother received this letter from the principal stating her son TMs hair was not the appropriate length. Mindy Palacios told Action 4 she'd already cut his hair twice.

"I feel like| I cut it and she just, the principal at the school, just makes an issue out of something else. First it was the bangs, then it was the sideburns, then it was the back of the hair," said Palacios.

His hair hasn TMt been an issue in the past. Caleb is clean cut. The district said dress code for each school is slightly different and left to the discretion of the principal.

The dress code states that boy's hair may not extend below the collar, eyes or top of the ear. Rules are rules, said La Feria Superintendent Rey Villarreal; all students are held to the same standard.

"My main concern is that it be implemented fairly and consistently," said Villareal.

Palacio is upset, she said her son was within the guidelines, but not all students follow the dress code.

"The hair wasn TMt touching the collar, wasn't covering his eyes or anything...There are other kids in school that are friends with him that have come over to my house. I see their hair and it TMs longer than his and it TMs covering their ears and they have not needed a haircut," claimed Palacios.

Palacios told us it TMs unfair her son is being singled out. Although inconvenient, she felt it necessary to transfer him to the Mercedes School District.

"So he can have an education [and] not be bothered about his hair because to me-the hair isn TMt an issue, it doesn TMt distract him at school. He makes honor roll," she said.

Palacios would like for the La Feria ISD to have uniform rules throughout its schools, and for Caleb to return to Dominguez Elementary. However, the district says it TMs putting their foot down, Caleb must cut his hair before he returns to school.

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