Boy makes birthday celebration happen for toddler with cancer

Victor Gonzalez's Facebook post

Baby Victoria who is battling leukemia celebrated her birthday with family and friends tonight, after one little boy made it all possible.

The 8-year-old who is battling to save his own life wished the 14-month-old would have a birthday celebration.

After posting a message on our Facebook page, he hope the angels his mom told him about would help grant his wish.

Victor Gonzalez is known to be shy and often gives children his own toys to play with.

His giving nature has made his mother proud, since he often puts himself before others.

Victor is also battling leukemia and was two rooms down from baby Victoria.

His hopes that Victoria would have a bigger party turned into reality at Chuck E Cheese in Harlingen.

Victor's aunt booked the party for Victoria after she raised $500 from friends and put in money of her own.

Baby Victoria celebrated her birthday early.

Victor was unable to attend the party due to his health.