Boy scouts build shooting range for young shooters

Hunter Rieley is one step closer to reaching the rank of an eagle scout.

Ever since I was in cub scouts I always dreamed about becoming an eagle scout, he said.

It TMs no easy task, scouts accumulate merit badges that test their mind, body and spirit.

Rieley earned one of those badges today with his favorite hobby, shooting.

He decided to build a shooting range for young marksmen in the Harlingen area.

There wasn TMt really an area in this part Valley to practice shotgun sports, you had to go to Brownsville or the upper valley to practice, he said.

About 20 people including Rieley TMs troop 1889 spent today building the range on a piece of land donated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Refuge.

I TMm looking forward to seeing younger kids who came out here to help me today to learn how to use a shotgun and how to safely use it, Rieley said.

Rieley understand that shooting requires responsibility and safety.

It TMs an increasingly hot topic, this week a 12 year-old boy gunned down a math teacher in Nevada.

Rieley said this shooting range will be a place for young people to learn gun safety, but most importantly responsibly.

"We are hoping to teach younger kids gun responsibility and how to safely handle guns," he said.

Rieley hopes the range will attract young shooters in the Harlingen area.

The range is open to non-profit groups.