Boy survives being run over by car

After 4-year-old Leo was run over Sunday afternoon, a San Benito mother is counting her blessings.

God was with us yesterday and he protected us and He made it through," mother Maria Lopez said.

She said she is grateful her son only suffered minor bumps and bruises.

After finding Christ about a year ago ,she said He saved her family TMs life.

Sunday was the scariest moment of her life.

"Seeing him laying there in the street, I really thought I had lost him," she said.

Leo is Maria TMs only boy.

She couldn TMt bare to see her baby laying on the ground unconscious with blood dripping from his face.

Leo and his teen sister crossed the street to get a cup of corn from the ice cream man.

That TMs when Leo let go of his sister's hand and in a split second he darted across the street.

Maria looked through her rear view mirror and saw a P2 Cruiser stopped.

According to San Benito Police the driver, was a 23-year-old, 8-month pregnant woman.

"I opened my door and I looked up and I say my son in the street and I didn TMt even want to get close to him cause I saw the blood. To me, the first thought that came, that I lost my son," Lopez said.

Maria said she yelled for her husband who picked the boy off the street.

He brought him to me and he was motionless, half way down the street he screamed and he cried and I just told my husband keep him awake keep him awake I knew that he was alive and I knew that he was going to make it, Lopez said.

She knew her faith wasn't being tested, the entire drive to the hospital she prayed.

The little tears coming from Leos TM face was a blessing.

Maria said while Child Protective Services is investigating, she is sure they will find her to be a fit parent.

Adding that a fence surrounds her house so her kids can be safe.

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