Boy with two broken arms needs funds for operation and hospital expenses

Jose Tinajero is like any other 12-year-old boy. He loves to climb trees and play in his backyard swimming pool. "We like to run in circles to make a current in the pool," said Jose. But recently, the sixth grader hasn't been able to enjoy himself like he used to. While in his physical education class, Jose fell and broke both of his arms. His mother Maria says that because of his injuries, her son is completely dependent on others to do even the simplest of tasks. "He cannot eat on his own, he can't go to the bathroom alone, he can't bathe himself. It's all very difficult for him." It TMs been so difficult that Jose has not been able to attend school for the past three weeks. He has a teacher that tutors him at home, but only for an hour a day, not enough, according to the family, to keep this 12-year-old on track. "He needs to go back to school because he doesn't want to fall behind, said Jose TMs cousin Katherine Maldonado. And he's already doing that at the moment." Doctors have told the Tinajero family that Jose will start to lose mobility in his hands if he does not have an operation soon. Hospital expenses have already skyrocketed to over $5,000 and without health insurance, Jose's mother feels helpless.

Although the accident took place at school, the La Joya Independent School District is not paying for Jose's medical expenses. "We don't have the means to help him, said Maria. I have so much sadness because he is suffering so much." The family is asking the community for help to get Jose the medical attention he needs, and to provide a chance for him to live like a normal 12-year-old again. "There has to be somebody else out there in the same circumstances or that has gone through this and can understand how hard it is for a 12-year-old boy, who is just starting to live, to be completely immobilized," said Maldonado. The family does have an account set up on Jose's behalf.

It is at Wells Fargo bank under the name Katherine Maldonado.