Boys & Girls Club offers free turkeys to Valley families

Like other organizations across the Rio Grande Valley, The Boys and Girls Club has collected turkeys to give to families in need, but they said grant money is scarce, and there TMs a lot more to do this holiday season.

Things they can TMt get done without your help.

The economy has taken a toll on the Garza family.

"It's pretty bad, said Carlos Garza. Sometimes with a regular job you just won't make it."

Garza makes his living as a landscaper.

"This year has been a little bit different because we usually do landscaping and this year has been a little slow," said Garza.

He says with that profession, he's been struggling this year to keep his family afloat.

"We go out there trying to look for jobs, and it makes it more difficult. Someone else got it for cheaper or less," he said.

And while Garza and his wife Nancy have looked for other jobs, but with no luck.

"Especially if you don't have an education," he said.

That TMs why they said they were ecstatic to hear the Boys and Girls Club was giving them a turkey for Thanksgiving.

"We weren't prepared for Thanksgiving, so it was a big big blessing," said Nancy.

A grant for the Boys and Girls Club made a turkey giveaway for 18 families possible.

"It's a blessing for them to think of someone like us and help us out, said Nancy.

But even the organization is struggling this holiday season.

"For me this is a bad time to be a resource developer because I have staff coming telling me they need clothes for families, they need turkeys for

Thanksgiving, some people need a job so that they can get by," said Normalynda Zepeda of the Boys and Girls Club.

She said the club doesn't always have the money to help out.

"With grants, you have to work first and then the money comes in, but it's money that's already paid out," she explained.

That TMs why she said she needs to call out to the community for help.

"Luckily I have a few angels in the community that have said whatever you need, said Zepeda. Well, I can't go back to those people only."

Zepeda said any donations help: volunteer time, turkeys, clothes, even Christmas gifts to make families like the Garza TMs holidays special.

To help the Boys and Girls Club with their mission call 956-682-5791 or visit your local club.