Boys called 9-1-1 after witnessing Mercedes car crash

"We called 9-1-1, he said. We said were here by Pedro Martinez [Street], there was a car crash and the car's on fire."

After making the call, George went door by door to let his neighbors know what he had seen.

One of his brothers went inside their house and told their dad.

"When I came outside the fire was high, it was burning," George Quiroga Sr. said.

By Saturday, the road was clear, but damage was still visible.

A mail box hung over the street, and tangerine marked the point of impact.

George said people speed and make U-turns often down FM 491.

His father added that he would like to see something done about it.

"I would love for them to start considering a stop light or something just to slow the traffic, because about a quarter of a mile we've got a school," George Sr. said.