BP oil spill bringing fishing business to South Padre

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has affected many people across the gulf coast, but in the Rio Grande Valley it has actually helped the fishing business.

"Out of the last seven days we fished, two of them were supposed to be out of Louisiana the other one changed his mind from Florida," Aaron Phillips told Action 4 News.

He works for Miss Directed Fishing Charters, a deep sea fishing company.

Phillips said the oil spill has meant good business for deep sea fishing companies at South Padre Island like his.

"I hope they get it capped and so forth and we don TMt see it in time, he said. But as far as far as us benefiting from it, we have no complaints and I'm sure everybody agrees down here."

Officials placed fishing moratoriums on large parts of the Gulf of Mexico.

As a result, South Padre Island has seen more reservations from recreational fisherman from other parts of the United States.

In the end, more reservations mean more cash for fishing charters.

"We've been making them pretty happy, Capt. Daniel Cole added. A lot of the gulf is pretty similar in what we fish for. Out techniques might be a little bit different but bottom line is they come in they catch some good fish and their happy."

Both men said they have seen an average of two groups coming from affected areas to South Padre Island, per week.

The increase has helped propel a typically slow summer season, especially since Hurricane Dolly devastated fishing fleets almost two years ago.

"We had a really good week towards the beginning, Phillips concluded. You have your up weekends and down weekends, but everyone is booking up pretty tight. A lot of the other fishermen are doing pretty good."

For now, their schedules keep filling up from callers TM eager to head out to deepwater fishing, and these two men say they will take any business they can get.