Bride and groom lose venue, business owner says "sorry"

Once a theatre, the Texas Reception Hall in downtown Raymondville now serves as a venue for parties.

It's the place Serjio and Vanessa Gonzales booked, with a $100 deposit in February, for their wedding reception onSaturday, May 17th

But now, just nine days from their wedding, the couple is looking for another venue.

"The owner of the reception hall notified us that she double-booked or that she essentially rented-out the location to another party," Serjio Gonzales said.

The bride told Action 4 News that she cried all night and is now upset that she will be forced take her 250 guests somewhere other than planned- and in a town as small as Raymondville their choices are limited.

"She gave us the option of changing the date, Vanessa Gonzales said. I'm not going to change it. She wanted me to have the reception on Friday, and get married on Saturday - it can't be done. That would mean|the wedding dress (would be seen before the nuptials)."

Venue owner Laura Lozano admits she made a mistake. She was taking care of her ailing mother and runs the business on her own and double-booked unintentionally.

Lozano showed Action 4 receipts from a birthday/graduation party for that same day and time. It was booked and paid for in full, back in July 2013 - well before the bride and groom booked it.

"So it actually belongs to them - the date," Lozano said.

The business owner said she has also offered the couple several options, including paying twice as much, out of her own pocket for a venue in Harlingen.

Another proposal is hosting the reception at another Raymondville location that seats the same amount of guests, and which Lozano has already paid for in full.

"We need to fix this, Lozano said. I know that it's a wedding and I mean, I TMm involved in this - I have to help them," Lozano said.

Neither option, she said, appeases the bride and groom and she doesn't know what else to do with time running out.

The salon is paid in full, so hopefully they get it because it's already paid, Lozano said.. I'm so sorry for the mistake, I TMve been (going) through a lot of problems."

The stressed couple said they are in disbelief this is happening, and fear this won't have a happy ending.

"She needs to find another line of business if she can't keep her contracts - a contract she made and agreed to."