Broken promise by former district attorney leaves family in the dark

Sebastian family left without electricity

A Sebastian family is living with no electricity because they need the original landowner to provide the paperwork.

The original landowner is former District Attorney and a practicing attorney, Juan Angel Guerra.

For the past months, the Correra TMs say Guerra has made promises but never delivers.

Now, Guerra does not answer their phone calls.

We are paying for the mistakes of others, Oscar Correa says.

The Correa TMs met Guerra 2 years ago in Guerra TMs parents home.

Oscar and Nancy Correa are close friends with Guerra TMs parents.

The Correa TMs told Guerra they were looking to buy some land.

Coincidently, Guerra was selling some of property and sold it to them for $10,000.

Considering him a trusted family friend, the Correa TMs thought it was a good deal.

That TMs why we trusted him because he was a lawyer and we knew him for many years, Oscar says.

Eight months ago, Oscar, Nancy and their two children moved to Sebastian from Kansas.

They were excited to back home to the Valley.

However, they were forced to live in the trailer they came down in from Kansas because they needed to install electricity.

Once they contacted a city engineer, he charged them a $500 deposit and told them they needed a permission.

When we go ask for the permission, they always tell no because you need the measurements but they don TMt tell us how to do it, Nancy said.

The city engineer later told them they needed to have evidence the owned the acres in order to get the measurements and installations.

The Correa TMs do have the warranty deed, but that isn TMt enough to prove they are owners of that land.

Action 4 spoke with city officials, and they said they need Guerra to subdivide their land for the Sebastian family to get their electricity and septic tank.

The breaking point for the Correa TMs was when their kids school found out about their situation.

One of their children told a teacher his iPad wasn TMt charged because his house had no electricity.

The school threatened to call Child Protective Services for child negligence.

That is the hardest thing for me because we have never had problems with our children, and that is toughest thing I believe that could happen to us, Nancy says.

Right now, the family has been staying at a friend TMs house while she is away.

This is the last week they could stay there.

Action 4 News tried to speak to Guerra but he did not answer.

Willacy County Judge John S. Gonzales Jr. said the matter is very serious and now the state is involved.

Judge Gonzalez told Action 4 the land deal is not legal because according to the Colonia Laws, any land under 10 acres need to have been subdivided.

The property the Correa TMs live in is 1 acre out of 7.

Judge Gonzales said the lead attorney in the Attorney General TMs Office was the person who discovered that Guerra was violating the Colonia Laws.

They have advised the Correa TMs how to correct the issue.

It is going to cost them some money, and they can file a lawsuit.