Brokenhearted mother speaks of daughter's death

7-year-old daughter, Ruby Ramirez.

A broken hearted mother, Maria Ramirez sobbed uncontrollably Wednesday, over the sudden death of her 7-year-old daughter, Ruby Ramirez.

San Benito Asst. Police Chief Michael Galvan said an autopsy revealed the Sullivan Elementary School first grader, asphyxiated due to a pink balloon lodged in her airway.

"I don TMt wish this on anybody, Ramirez said. It TMs an immense pain that I don't know how to heal. I don TMt think I will ever again have peace in my life because my baby is gone - she was my partner, my baby."

Ramirez told Action 4 News, she went to pick up her daughter after school Monday, and after a hug, they made their way to another part of the school.

The grieving mother said she stopped to speak to a friend from church, and Ruby went off to a playground and the school.

Seconds later, Ramirez said she saw her daughter, face down on the ground and unconscious.

The school nurse ran to the girls aid, but according to police, there was blood in Ruby TMs mouth, making it difficult for the nurse to perform CPR.

The girl was rushed to the hospital but died Tuesday following morning.

She wanted to be a doctor to take care of her mommy when she was older.

"I serve God with all my heart, I don't understand what happened, Ramirez said. I plead with Him to grant me a miracle and save my daughter."

Maria is seeking a full investigation and concrete answers about her daughter's death.

"We had made a promise that we would never be apart," Ramirez said.

Funeral arrangements are set for Friday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday at 10 a.m. at Henry Thomae Funeral Home in San Benito.

The Family is accepting donations to help cover funeral expenses.

You can donate at:

Capital One BankAcct. Name: Elena RamirezAcct. #: 3832692688

Call or deliver donations to the family:Stuart: 956-399-5998505 Chapman St.San Benito, TX 78586