Brothers charged in San Juan shooting

Two brothers faced a judge Wednesday afternoon-charged with shooting a man several times.

San Juan police told Action 4 News that Jose and Victor Ramos are lucky they are not facing even more charges after they opened fire in a busy neighborhood Tuesday afternoon.

"Sometimes bullets don't stay where you aim it," said San Juan Police Sgt. Rudy Luna. "They go through walls, vehicles---it can hit something behind you without you knowing about it."

Luna said the brothers, both members of the 'Po Boy' gang, shot at another gang member. Luna said what is interesting is the victim did not belong to a rival gang-he was also a 'Po Boy.'

"This was caused by personal issues they had against each other," Luna said. "These issues are what caused them to get into an argument and caused for one to shoot the other."

Sgt. Luna would not go into details as to what sparked the fight, but said it must have been really personal because it is rare to have this type of fighting between members of the same gang.

"What issues they had must have been really personal because gangs usually stick together," Luna said. "In this incident they went at each other. It must have been strong reasons for them to go at each other."

Investigators said Jose is the one who pulled the trigger. He was charged with attempted murder and given a $500,000 bond.

Victor's charges, on the other hand, range from attempted murder to tampering with evidence and even possession of stolen property.

His bond was set over $700,000 dollars.

As for the victim, police are not releasing his name at this time but told Action 4 News he is expected to make a full recovery.