Brownsville bus driver's death stuns fellow drivers

The new multi-modal bus terminal, La Plaza, in downtown Brownsville kept busy Thursday, as passengers got on and off city buses to get to their destinations.

However, bright orange markings on the ground served as a reminder that for one city bus driver the journey was over.

"He was a very good co-worker, Maria Isabel Vega, a veteran bus driver said. He hadn TMt worked here long, but this has hurt us all very much."

Wednesday night, in what police are ruling an accident, 62-year-old Ernesto Rosales was run over by the very bus he was driving.

Police said it's unclear how or why the bus started rolling.

"Preliminaries indicate that because the bus was rolling, Mr. Rosales in an attempt to maybe stop the bus, ultimately got run over by the vehicle," Investigator J.J. Trevio said.

Vega, who TMs been driving buses for 20 years, said she always takes as many precautions possible on the road, but she admits the fatal events at her work place, shook her nerves.

"I TMm nervous, that's the main thing, Vega said, as she got ready to embark on another bus route throughout the city.

Rosales may have been a fairly new addition to the group of bus drivers, but those that got to work with him for that brief timed, had only good memories of him.

"He was a good person to work with, we were all very sad, Saul Padilla, a bus driver for 19 years, said. He had a good attitude and was always friendly with people. We constantly check our buses, but these are just things that happen sometimes."