Brownsville chase suspect took daughter for along for ride

      Juan Luis Moran

      He thought he had a warrant for traffic tickets but now a Brownsville man is facing more serious charges.

      Cameron County Precinct 1 deputy constables told Action 4 News that Juan Luis Moran took his 9-year-old daughter along for the ride during a chase.

      Constable Horacio Zamora said his deputies arrsted the 42-year-old Brownsville man on child endangerment and evading arrest charges.

      Zamora said one of his deputies tried pulling Moran over for a traffic violation in northeast Brownsville.

      The 42-year-old man didn TMt stop and kept driving to his house on Paso Real Drive.

      The deputy constable followed Moran and saw a child TMs head bobbing up and down whenever he hit speed bumps or dips.

      Constable Zamora said it turned out to be Moran's 9-year-old daughter, who was not wearing a seat belt.

      When asked why he didn't stop, Moran allegedly told the deputy constable that he thought he had a warrant for a traffic ticket.

      Zamora told Action 4 News that it turns out tha tMoran did not have a warrant for a traffic ticket.

      Moran appeared before a Cameron County Magistrate Judge on Friday morning where he was issued $10,000 dollars in bonds.

      Jail records show that Moran posted bond later during the day.