Brownsville church helps in Japan earthquake reconstruction efforts

It's not an easy task, but helping those in need is something Terry Roberts and his church members do on a regular basis.

In March a tsunami hit the coast of Japan, destroying thousands of homes and killing 20,000 people.

"We have a group of 40 people that are trained in disaster relief" said Terry Roberts with First Baptist Church in Brownsville. The experience was positive, we got to help people, people loved on us while we were over there, they were excited we were over there to help"

The group left for Japan on the 12th of June and returned on the 23rd.

Once they arrived, they were quickly put to work.

Their main task was to clear out all the debris, ripping out flooring and some sheet rocking, to get the homes ready to be re-built.

"We found cars in the houses, fishing boats, and equipment in houses, it was just unbelievable" said Terry.

Terry said it was a bit overwhelming at first, not knowing where to start.

But because several of them had been to Haiti and Chile, they had seen the destruction and were prepared.

The group said going to all these places, makes them see the necessity to be prepared here in the Rio Grande Valley.

"We're looking to build a 20,000 square foot building on our campus that would be strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds" said Terry Roberts.

They are currently working with FEMA and the city on this project.

Terry said they want the building to serve has a shelter with generators and a stock of food products.