Brownsville church hosts big back-to-school giveaway

Livingway Church in Brownsville hosted the "Back to School Big Give."

Approximately 2,000 people attended the event looking to save a few dollars.

About 600 children made their way down a prayer tunnel to pick up bags filled with school supplies and Wal-Mart gift cards totaling more than $10,0000 to use for school clothes.

"We wanted to bless as many families and as many children as we could this school year, Pastor Bill Moore said. We know people are struggling financially and this is just the church reaching out saying we love you, God loves you and we want to bless you."

At the event, people had the chance to register their children for identification cards with Brownsville Police, got free health screenings, nutrition classes and even had free hot dogs and sodas for lunch.

A handful of hair stylist also donated their time and talents to give children a new look for the new school year. For parents with several children, the free cuts meant a little more savings.

"We're going to concentrate more on our bills and we're going to have a little bit more money extra for them, Julissa Zapot said.

The mother of five said this event will also serve as a life-lesson to all the children who attended because the children will grow-up knowing the importance of giving and keep the cycle going.

Pastor Moore said he hopes the example of giving, will encourage the community to be willing to give a little bit more, and not just expect to receive.

"Everybody today is looking for a pay back but every time you give you start a cycle in your life that good things start coming back to you, Moore said. We want God's people to set a precedence of generosity- we feel like that's the heart of God and that's the way God wants us to live."