Brownsville City Commissioner arrested for domestic violence

A Brownsville City Commissioner is facing criminal charges after she allegedly assaulted her husband and faked her injuries to blame her husband.

Brownsville police arrested 28-year-old Jessica Tetreau on Class A misdemeanor charges early Saturday morning.

It all happened at the couple's home off Greenfield Drive around 12:55 a.m. Saturday.

A police report shows it all started with a comment made by her husband Arturo Ochoa Kalifa on Friday afternoon.

Kalifa was driving with three employees to the couple's car wash when he left his cell phone on while talking to Tetreau.

According to the report, the four saw a woman walking her dog where Kalifa told them, "That dog looked like a rat and the girl, well..."

Teatreau allegedly argued with him at their business and then later at home.

Kalifa told officers that his wife punched him and threw glasses of water at him.

He claims he threw water on her but never touched her.

Tetreau allegedly locked herself in a bedroom and called 9-11.

Kalifa told officers that Tetreau scratched herself on her chest area.

Tetreau is out on a $5,000 dollar bond but maintains her innocence.

I feel like a very, very big mistake was made by the police department, Tetreau told the Brownsville Herald.

Voters elected write-in candidate Tetreau as District 2 City Commissioner back in May ousting incumbent Charlie Atkinson.