Brownsville dad jailed, crack cocaine found under baby's pillow

Erik Gallegos Mugshot

Child Protective Services is investigating after Brownsville Police reportedly found crack cocaine underneath a pillow inside a baby's crib.

It all began with a traffic stop.

Brownsville Police said they pulled over Erik Gallegos for a tail light that didn't work.

A three-year-old girl was said to be in the front seat when officers searched the car.

Inside they reportedly found a small amount of crack cocaine.

Police said Gallegos consented to having his home searched.

Once there police said they found 1.9 grams of crack cocaine.

"Unfortunately where they recovered the narcotics was from the pillow of one of the cribs of one of his children," said Brownsville Police Investigator Ted Torres.

In addition to the three-year-old girl in the front seat, four other children were said to be inside the house.

Gallegos was charged with five counts of child endangerment.

The children are said to be in the care of relatives while CPS investigates.

Police said when they ran Gallegos's information, they also found he had a warrant out of Cameron County for not paying child support.