Brownsville doctor in midst of Superstorm Sandy

Dr. Nadia Hernandez-Agbetoba is currently in New York, thousands of miles from her hometown Brownsville.

While in Texas, she went through several hurricanes including Hurricane Katrina during her time in medical school in Houston.

However, she said no one in New York was expecting a super storm like Sandy to hit.

"There's been multiple fires, lots of trees down and physical damage to the (area), and we've just had a lot of difficulties trying to find (medical) staff because bridges are closed and the subway system is not working, Hernandez-Agbetoba said.

Included in the nearly eight million people left without power as a result of Sandy's rage, was New York University Langone Medical Center, when back-up power failed.

The hospital was evacuated and patients were transferred to The Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, where Hernandez-Agbetoba and her colleagues were ready to help.

And while patients are safe inside the hospital, not the same can be said in other areas.

"I don TMt think New York has ever seen this much flooding before and they weren TMt prepared for it,

Hernandez-Agbetoba said. The (storm) spanned so many miles - it's pretty ridiculous how many states are involved. It's almost the entire East Coast. I would agree that it is the storm of the Century."

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