Brownsville family evicted after apartment troubles

The Barrera family's New Year celebration will have to wait as they sort out where they will live next.

It's supposed to be happy times, said Esmeralda Barrera. But there's nothing happy right now for my children and me. They see me stressed out.

Barrera claims her landlord Luz Everitt is retaliating after she turned to Action 4 News for help last October.

Barrera was fed up with Everitt's failure to fumigate her roach infested apartment.

"She's upset of course because I put her on the news, said Barrera. I exposed her for the roaches and the health hazards that are here.

The family lives at the Miguel Washmart Apartments in Brownsville and claim they have done nothing wrong but nothing has gone right since the she publicized the roach infestation.

They were given the eviction notice on December 29th by a Brownsville judge.

The notice states Barrera must vacate by January 6th for failing to pay rent.

Something she denies, even showing us receipt of payment.

We spoke to her landlord's daughter Catherine Everitt.

She says rent was never paid.

"When the judge asked her if she paid rent she said no, said Everitt. Because she knows that receipt is invalid.

Catherine says there were no ulterior motives to evict Barrera except her failure to pay rent.

And that her mother sent Barrera three notices giving her the opportunity to get back on track with the rent.

According to the landlord Barrera ignored the notices.

If you pay there is no legal reason why we need to go to court, said Everitt.

For now, Barrera, her boyfriend and their four children will be living in a motel until they can find affordable housing.

She said they couldn't find a place on such short notice.