Brownsville family remembers teen killed by 18-wheeler

About 8 years ago the Esparzas family adopted three boys including 14 year-old Damian Ochoa.He loved dancing, he loved music, drawing and painting, Ochoa TMs adopted sister Stephanie Esparza said.But Ochoa TMs life was cut short exactly one year ago today.He was crossing a busy street off Highway 77 and International Boulevard in Brownsville when he was hit by an 18-wheeler.I would always be mad, like my dad was a truck driver for so many years, Esparza said. How could somebody make such a careless mistake?Police believe the high school freshman was riding his bike to visit his mother in Mexico.At the time of the accident, Ochoa and his two brothers were living with their aunt and had little contact with their adopted family who cared for them for 7 years.The Esparzas struggled with the news of Ochoa TMs death but heard from witnesses that a good Samaritan had pulled over and held Ochoa as his life slipped away.I always wanted to meet her and know who she was, but the police wouldn TMt give us information because we weren TMt the legal guardians at the time, Esparza said.Today, as the family held a memorial at the site of the accident a stranger pulled over and approached the family.She told me I held him in my arms and I prayed for him, so right away I just hugged her you and I thanked her, Esparza said.She was there when we couldn TMt be, she prayed when we couldn TMt.The news helped give the Esparza family peace.To know that a complete stranger prayed for him, that he didn TMt have to die alone.